• I watched this free 22 minute webinar from Susan Garret this morning and thought it was quite good.


  • I thought it was quite good also. It's always good to hear about what is psychologically going on with a dog during their certain behaviours. Thanks very much for sharing this link!

  • Is there any way to determine what size this video file is? I looked at the site, but didn't see anything.

    I use a Verizon USB modem to access the Internet, and am limited to 5GB per month. I'd love to view the video, but am afraid that 22 minutes might very well use up much of that monthly allowance.

  • I also have a Verizon air card USB - the video may use it all up. Also, instead of using the laptop with the air card, I used my home computer to call it up and found you have to subscribe to something in order to watch - it's my policy not to do that. So, even though the video may be great, you do have to sign up with something to do so.

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