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  • Is anyone familiar with a breeder from the Ava or Summersville area in Missouri? We bought a dog from him and his wife in '98 or '99. He was known as Mac. I heard his wife had died but I was wondering if he still has basenjis.

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  • MacFarland of Ronel basenjis. I haven't seen any Ronel dogs in the ring, but that doesn't mean a whole lot.

    I dont know if he's still in the basenji world. You might want to start here:

    Ask around, those would be local people for him.

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  • Looks like he co owns at least this dog with Sally:
    43 CH SONBAR ENERGY -EFFICIENT RONEL. HM 93103801. 11-15-00
    By Ch Ronel's General Purpose Jerlin - Ch Sonbar Brite Wildirishrose. Dog.
    Owner: E G MacFarland & Sally Wuornos., South Bend, IN 46613. Breeder: Sally Wuornos.

    Contact her:

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