• This one is close to my heart.

    Our daughter's Basenji, Juan, dug out of the yard of their new home in Shenandoah, TX, (nw of Houston, right next to The Woodlands) on Monday, 4/8. He has never been a roamer or a digger, so it came as a surprise. He has not come home or even been sighted. The kids have checked local animal control, driven around calling him, notified local vets and the whole neighborhood. Their 3 year old just keeps saying, "I want Juanie to come home!"

    Juan is 8 1/2 years old, neutered red and white. He is microchipped. He was from our first home-bred litter and went to live with our daughter's mother-in-law several years ago when she was fighting cancer. Since she passed away 3 years ago, he has lived with our daughter (she loved him so much she refused to send him back to us!).

    Hoping someone can help find him…


  • Contact all the animal control folks, contact your mail facility and leave flyers with photos and contact info and contact the bus drivers who take the kids to school.
    These folks drive everyday…and they keep eyes out.
    Good luck.
    The more flyers with photos and contact info the better.

  • Oh no… I'm so sorry to hear that. Have you contacted BRAT? I wonder if they could put a word out to their people in the area. ??

  • Have you already registered this with Craigslist & dogdetective.com?? Def. call the BRAT and the local breeders in your area, they are excellent at smelling out Bs astray.

  • Thank you to all for your good thoughts. Still no sign of the boy as of last night. It's now been a week… We're just hoping that someone has him and he is safe. It seems odd that no one has even seen him.

    I did contact BRAT, they've been fabulous! They have all their volunteers and fosterers in the area keeping an eye out for him.

    My daughter's hopes were up briefly when Animal Control said they had a Basenji, but it turned out to be a tri female mix....


  • The more fliers you post and hand out …
    Hope you get good news soon.

  • Over a month now, no sign of Juan. All we are doing now is hoping that someone took him in and fell in love.


  • I am sorry to hear that Juan had not returned as of May…I have been missing my Dot now for two and half weeks (since August 17; I am new to the forum tonight). She climbed the fence. I am so crushed. Did Juan ever come home? I am still looking for Dot and will not stop. I too hope that someone has fallen in love with her and is treating her well, but I want her back more than anything.

  • Does anyone know if this dog has been found? There was a male B that was found in Spring, TX, which is north of Houston. It supposedly has dewclaws and is neutered.

  • Houston

    I don't know if they've found him yet, but the dog here in Spring was found left behind when the owners moved out of the house..creeps..
    I sure hope Terry finds her dog and that this little fella gets a wonderful family that treats him right.

  • No, Juan has not been found, nor any sign of him. It has been nearly a year. We just hope that someone took him in and decided to keep him, although that's a hard thing to accept too. Not as hard as thinking he was hit by a car or some other horrible accident. Juan was microchipped, had no dewclaws, and was much older than the one found in Spring. (9 years old) Our daughter still can't face getting another dog. She says she just keeps thinking she'll come home from work and he'll be sitting on the front porch.


  • Houston

    Terry, that really breaks my heart. I am so sorry for you and your daughter..I am with her..one day he might show up and be sitting on her front door step..

  • Have you tried contacting or visiting vets in the area? I know there are a lot of vets in the Houston area but I would start with the area near you and spread out. Basenjis are not that common and perhaps by now the possible new owner would have taken him to one. Of course, the vet clinic might not know it is a Basenji but perhaps a Terrier Mix. Dr. Tracy in Dayton, OH has a bulletin board of lost/found pets in her office.

    I would contact shelters and larger rescue groups also. I would start with the larger ones. All of our shelters in the Dayton, OH area also have a lost/found bulletin board and/or keep a listing of lost/found pets.

    Which microchip service do you use?

  • There is a rescued basenji in St Louis, which is far from Texas, but you never know…. here is a picture:


    Do you have a picture of your lost dog?

  • Although I wouldn't put it past a Basenji to get that far, it's not our Juan. Juan is 9 1/2 years old (turning 10 in December), already neutered, and microchipped.

    I really wish it was him….


  • Well, as crazy as it sounds, don't give up hope….I hope someone is looking for this cutie. (Perhaps your daughter can give him a foster home? No one wants this pup.)

    Can you post a picture of Juan??

  • I will try. I've been singularly unsuccessful at uploading pictures, even though I follow all the directions!! (which is why I don't even have a profile pic)


  • Terry- Is your picture size too big? You may have to re-size it to be smaller than 100 x 100 pixels.

    To upload the photo into a reply, use the paper clip icon (versus the picture one), so you can browse onto your own computer and select the picture. Good luck.

  • Not sure - I keep getting a message that it can't do it because a security token is missing. It tells me to contact the administrator, which I attempt to do, but then it won't do that either!

  • Houston

    I get the exact same message..so I gave up..I use photobucket, a few more steps but way less frustration..;)
    How was your weekend? Did the kiddos do well?

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