What does your Basenji do when he needs to go out?

  • We have a doggy door, so the dogs can access the fenced rear yard whenever they like. Sometimes they are running in and out 10 times a hour, but I don't mind!

  • Gipper usually comes to find me and then walks away, and if I don't follow him, he comes back. However, I usually take him immediately when he wakes up from a nap or sleeping through the night, and after he eats. But, he can hold it for a mighty long time. I'm glad of that. I was beginning to wonder if he would ever stop peeing in his crate.

  • Joey will sometimes trot around more vigorously when he has to go out, but we haven't gotten a real clear clue from him. I would like to train him to ring a bell tho.

  • @JoeyQ:

    Joey will sometimes trot around more vigorously when he has to go out, but we haven't gotten a real clear clue from him. I would like to train him to ring a bell tho.

    Just hang one on the door that You usually take him out of. Every time you let him out…..... ring the bell....do it everytime.....hopefully he'll catch on and will be driving you nuts with that bell in no time.

  • Baxter comes up and sits next to me as I compute and sets his paw up on my knee. Then the Famous Basenji Hypno-Stare. (((OBEY)))

  • We have a dog door/feced yard and all my rescues figured that out immediately. Several years ago when we started taking the dogs on vacation, the poor pups didn't have any idea how to signal me they needed to potty! They walked all over the cabin looking for their "out". I walked them every am and pm, and they would go to the back door, look over the shoulder at me and if I didn't respond them would walk back and forth between me and the door. I have to be extra vigilant to keep them comfortable and unstressed when we are not at home.

    Anne in Tampa

  • Sahara learned quickly to use her doggie door for potty and to check out what's going on outside. She, however, doesn't like to go out by herself at night so she will come and scratch at my arm or give me the B stare. If I don't respond she will go out by herself, but it's right back in. Then I know that she needs me to go with her, which like a good slave I stop what I am doing and GO!!!!!!!!!!!:D

  • EL D will do one of two things - either he'll do the B-500 while tearing up his toys or he'll grab one of my shoes (which usually sit in a dirt tray by the door).
    My previous basenji was trained to open the screen door himself (I had it rigged with a handle at his height).

  • My dog is weird, in fact I think she is a camel. I have no idea what sign she would use, because she never lets me know she has to go out, cause she never has to go to the bathroom! I take her out every night right before going to bed, and she usually gets put outside at least once during the day, so I suppose she goes then. Its funny though, she will be in the crate from 7-5 while we are at work, and if we forget to put her outside she will sit in the house with us all evening and not go until 7-8 at least. Never seems to bother her though, I guess we are lucky that way!

  • Chike starts making really quiet whining almost whimpering noises…I have always thought it odd that he doesn't dance around or go to the door...he just starts his little "go out" noise and I know it's time to go.

    I has gotten pretty cold here in Chicago and it has been snowing today. It always amazes me that when the weather is nice we can walk forever before he decides to go....but when it is cold and wet...he can do all his business in 60 seconds flat.

  • I am in Wisconsin, so I experienced the same snowstorm you had today. It was weird, I guess I spoke too soon in my post. I took Tosca for a walk today, and we got back around 10:30, and she peed then. I wanted to make it back before the snow started. Well, I didn't let her out all day, and suddenly around 5:30 I was putting soda in our basement and for some strange reason, she peed on a spare mattress we had laid down there for guests. It shocked me pretty much, I don't think she has peed in the house since about two months after we got her (which was in Feb). So I felt kinda bad, since I suppose it was about 7 hrs since she had been let out, however, on weekdays when we are working, she goes from 7 in the morning until late evening sometimes without going. I will let her out before we leave for work, and after we return she still has no interest in going in the afternoon. So I am not sure where the peeing came from today, hopefully it won't be a recurring thing.
    The only other thing I could think of is we had another problem with her today. For some reason her tail was down, like completely limp. I noticed it before our walk and decided to call the vet when we returned and it still wasn't down. Her energy/appetite was normal, so I was perplexed by this. However, whenever my husband our I touched the tail and pushed it up, she yelped, so obviously something was wrong. The vet said she probably just hurt it somehow, and to keep watching and to come in for an appt Monday if it doesn't get better. I just have no idea where she would have hurt it, but tonight it seems to be getting better, she is starting to put it up a little, although it is still not completely normal. So, anyway, I have no idea of this has anything to do with the peeing in the house or not…

    Wow, this ended up being a long post, but I was going to post on here about the tail being down anyway, has anyone else experienced this? Did you find out the cause?

  • Lexi lets us know by leaning on the door. If we don't realize she's over there, she'll scratch it with one paw. If that still doesn't work, she runs frantically around making that whining noise.

    Miles could have been trained to ring a bell. When we first got him, he'd hit the door stop EVERY time. BOIIIIIIINNNNNNNNNNNNGGGGGG! PS- I hate that noise. He has since stopped doing it as much. He also used to pace in circles around the living room furniture. You'd think he was some sort of show pony because he'd always take the same route. That was odd. Now that he knows our schedule, he doesn't really do that unless he's got an emergency- he trots around.

    BasenjiBoy- I think you've got a really smart puppy on your hands. Max is truly impressive!

    On a different note- one time when Miles's water dish had become empty (and we hadn't realized it before he wanted to drink), I was on the computer and heard this noise. I couldn't figure out what it was until I went into the kitchen and saw Miles standing oh-so-patiently by his dish tapping the inside with his nails all the while looking at me. I died laughing. It reminded me of that fancy feast commercial with the stuffy people who ding the fork against the glass to call the brat cat to come eat… I imagined Miles's voice to sound like Robin Leach, Lifestyles of the Rich & Famous. lol...

    Jylly18-- Lexi's tail goes down when she doesn't feel good. She's never yelped in pain though. Have you checked to see if her anal glands are impacted? Or is the pain specifically in the tail?

  • Or she could have a urinary tract infection. I agree with BDawg, tail down doesn't have to mean something is wrong with the tail….it just means 'I don't feel well'

    At least one of my dogs will yelp if I touch her tail most of the time...she just doesn't like it touched, and she is a super big crybaby.

    If Tosca is still acting off tomorrow, I would get her to the vet, and ask for a urine test, and blood work 🙂

  • Senji usually yanks at the sofa cover that's on the love seat closest to the door. If I'm in the bedroom with the door closed, he scratches on the door. If I don't answer right away, I see these 2 basenji feet squeezing under the door. When I finally answer the door, he runs back and forth between the bedroom and the front door. If I'm in the living room and he needs to go out, he also sits by the door and makes a yawning sound "ah-roo", which means it's urgent.

  • Jazzy runs to us, spins a couple of times, and runs to the door.

    Keoki rings a set of bells that we have hanging at the door.

  • Daisy noses my knees and makes a honking sound. She is persistent. Duke stands in the middle of the room and gives me the stare. Hard to ignore either of them - so they go outside.

  • She-Ra goes to the door, then looks over her shoulder at us.

    Problem is, sometimes she's playing a game with us, where she just wants to see if we'll get up and open the door. We're putting a stop to that by putting her out forcibly if she starts to walk away so she knows if we get up to open the door she's going out. Period.

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