• For a long time I wanted to enter Buana at an animal agency in Holland..

    But, the requirerments were so high. They have to know and obey a lot of things.
    Buana knows a lot of things but yeah it's a B!!

    I know there are four other B's at that agency, and i knew Buana would listen and obey just as good as they do…
    So.. my sweetheart Kas, said to me.. Why don't you apply him as a gift for your birthday? (22th november)

    So I did it, and today at HIS birthday (yes Kas was born on the 21th) 😃 I looked at the casting site and at the top of the "dogs midi" page there he was... my Buana 😃 😃

    A great story below his picture:
    I try to translate it:

    De Basenji is een zeldzaam en zeer eigenwijs ras. Hierop is Buana een uitzondering. Misschien luistert hij niet altijd meteen de eerste keer, maar Buana is de goedheid zelf met een immense eigendunk. Hij woont op een binnenschip (met honden, katten, ratten en vogels) en reist zo voortdurend door Nederland, België en Duitsland. Hij is vrijwilliger als hulphond bij mensen met hondenangst en ook als knuffelhond voor ouderen. Eenmaal op zijn gemak doet hij een hoop kunstjes: voor staan, zit, poot, andere poot, high five met twee poten, ook afwisselend, lig, buig, plat, hoog, touch, hier, wacht. Is ook vaak op shows te vinden, is Nederlands Jeugdkampioen en Nederlands kampioen. Heeft puppycursus en ringtraining gedaan.
    Foto's zijn van november 2008.

    The Basenji a, uncommon breed and very naughty.
    At that point Buana is an exception, maybe he won't lister at the first time, but buana is the kind soul himselve... and wit a great self-exteem.
    He lives at a ship (with dogs, a cat, rats and birts) and travelles trough Holland, Belgium and Germany.
    He is volunteer as a helping dog for people with dog fears, and cuddle-dog for the elderly.
    When he's used to the situation, he can do a lot tricks: come fore, sit, paw, other paw, high five, also with one paw, down, bend, flat on the floor, touch, wait and here.
    He shows often, is netherlands youth champion and netherlands champion.
    Did puppy course, and showtraining.

    😃 😃

    I'm so happy, buana loves to work for and with people..

    It's for both of us a great birthday gift...

    If you want to see the casting site, with his own page:

  • how cool is that!!! Haha.. I've thought about that as well… hahaa.. Great birthday gift!!

    I hope we'll see him in a movie soon! 😉 😃

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