Pumpkin crazy

I spent the bulk of my afternoon today baking and pureeing the pumpkins from my garden. Took hours as there were quite a few of them.

At first all three dogs were hovering, hoping for some fresh baked pumpkin.
But Jazz… she was there all the day long. Any time I had a few minutes to go sit down, she would hurry between me on the couch and the kitchen, doing her little spinny-begging thing. Any time I stood up, she would ruuuuun to stand in front of the oven and look hopefully at me. 😃 ALL day this went on.

They got quite a bit of fresh pumpkin today - I hope it doesn't have an adverse effect tonight. :o

The sugar pumpkins I grew I've pureed and will freeze for pies and breads for the humans, but I did grow a few of the larger {less flavorful} jack-o-lantern pumpkins and I'll puree those up to use in dog food.

My house smells sooo good right now!

Basenji Mix

Oh how great it is to have the home smells of harvest. I too was amazed at my two furkids appetite for raw pumpkin, straight from the jack-o-lantern scrapings. Must be somthing good in them. Thanks for sharing your day. 🙂 🙂

Kiora loves fresh pumpkin! She usually only gets it twice a year on Halloween and Thanksgiving. It's a special treat for her. Miss Ananda thinks she is insane and would like to let it be known that she prefers to eat turkey on Thanksgiving. 😉 I think it usually goes over o.k with their tummies since it is high in fiber. Kiora's stomach is made of steel, though. Once she ate an entire bar of 70% cacao chocolate and was not even a little sick, though I was sick with worry for about a day and a half.

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