• Last year around Thanksgiving, my wife made two pumpkin pies. We ate one up and left the other one on the counter. While cleaning up after dinner, my wife asked me if I ate the 2nd pie. I said no way, I was full. "Then, where is it?" I replied, "Maybe the pups got into it." We searched all over the house for the pie tin…finally I found it under the dining table, clean as a whistle. At that time, we had two B's and a foster. We wondered who it could be??? Then we saw our 3 yr old male tri, Buddy, waddling into the kitchen with an innocent expression...the waddle implicated the thief of the entire pumpkin pie.

  • I bet if they could've eaten the pie pan, they would have to hide the evidence. Guilt has a way of revealing itself. Cute story.

  • My Sahara loves Pumpkin Cake, so I have no doubt that she would love the pie. At least Pumpkin is good for them, and that it was not chocolate. I had a piece of Pumpkin Cake from a church fellowship dinner and Sahara spied me eating it so of course she jumped up in my lap. Being the easy one in the house, I had to give her a taste. She loved it and ate more, she likes alot of things that I eat. But I will not give her anything that I think will bother her stomach and definitely not chocolate.

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