• @tanza:

    And your best bet is to have the DNA test done… then you know where you stand as far a Fanconi goes....

    And for many... blood gases can be done at a "human" hospital.... many years ago.. that was our only way of getting them done.

    But that is great that your Vet knows and accepts Fanconi... if any Basenji is afflicted

    I know the importance, but I have mixed feelings too… I can't let my guard down even if the test shows "no worry". I will still want to strip test anyways for precautionary reasons. And if the test says she may get it, then I will worry like crazy and be anxious about every little thing. If I was a breeder, then absolutely no doubt about it, DNA would be a necessity! But Bella is spayed so that is not an issue... I would recommend the DNA test to all Basenji owners, but ultimately it is their choice. Of course if I were buying a pup from a breeder, I would insist on knowing about their DNA test results for Fanconi. But who am I to speak, I got Bella without research and without knowing about health issues. My hubby was uninformed about pet store puppies... she was a gift chosen by him. However, I want to tell everyone now how wrong it is to go about dog ownership in the way we did. Research the breed and buy from a responsible breeder... Now I know!

  • My personal opinion… do the DNA test and know where you stand... it is now easier then ever with the swab test... and IMO, well worth the $65 for the test kit and the test...

    And regardless where you got your Basenji from... you can now test... and if you have learned more about how to find a responsible breeder, regardless what breed of dog... then those of us that put this information out there have helped people to know how and why to research a breed and health concerns before they decide to get a pup....again regardless of the breed... we know we have done a good job... Education is the key...

  • Yes, education is the Key.
    It will give you knowledge if you have a dog who can get sick, or help you realize that your b will not be affected.
    Its so worth that fee. IMO

  • @Robin_n_Jack:

    Hey- if you do end up coming up to Tufts, let me know, I work right down the street, and there is a dog park not far, if you want to grab a coffee before the drive home and tire the kids out a bit 🙂

    Hey Thanks, I almost did drive out there on sunday night before I finally got the appointment with the vet that I did go to. If I do end up out there some day, I'll let you know!

  • Well day 3 on the protocol and it all seems to be going fine. She gets 4 pills in the morning and 4 -5 pills in the evening. 3 of them i can just toss into her food bowl and she eats them no problem. I think she actually likes them more because she finds them first and eats them before the rest of her food. The other ones, the bicarbonate and the clavamox for her suspected UTI i just roll up into a piece of cheese. I give a piece of cheese to Lenny also and they just gulp it down w/o any suspicions…

    Dr. Gonto thinks that the food I'm feeding tayda (wellness core) is too high in protein because her BUN levels are high. He's suggested that I get a food with more normal protein composition - around 18-24% protein, instead of the 34% that the wellness core has, to give her kidneys a little break. i looked back at her bloodwork from our last visit to the vet over a year ago and her BUN levels were high then also....

    i'll be anxious to see how her levels are in 3 months when we go back... i might just schedule it for 2 months cause i can't stand the suspense...

  • I am glad to see that she is doing so well! 🙂

  • I am glad she is doing well, fingers crossed for many, many great years for her. Thanks to Dr. Gonto, many basenjis have a chance to live a good life with Fanconi. Glad your vet is working with you.


  • You said she takes her pills well, that is great. Basenji Companion web site has a list of things to help with pilling fanconi dogs. With Toper's meds (for asthma) he will get bored with something and suddenly refuse it, so we go on to other yummies.
    When all else fails, I put the pill in a dab of ice cream!


  • Tayda's a good girl for taking her med-meds. Another idea if she tires with the routine is a dab of baby food meat. My mom's idea worked great with my beloved Rocky a few years back.

  • I'm sorry to hear Tayda has fanconi..but glad you caught it early and she's taking her pills like a good girl.

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