• I've given EL D a little sweet potato mixed with his kibble every now an dthen to help control the anal gland issue. Has anyone used dried sweet potatoes? One of the dog catalogs has them and I wondered how effective the dried ones might be?

  • I have heard of pumpkin but I didn't know that you could use sweet potato that is good to know.

  • I use dried sweet potatoes as a treat for Zaire, She will do just about anything for one. 🙂

  • I think I'll try drying some myself in case he doesnt' like them dried. I'm drying apples this weekend so I can throw in a sweet potato or two. It would sure be cheaper than the ones in the catalog.

  • I fed my kids a fork of baked sweet potato and they had "D" for a while. Just be careful until you know how yours will react.

  • Sweet potatoes are nutritionally better than white potatoes, but they have a higher sugar and fiber content. As BDawg says just be careful until you know how they will react. Mine will eat anything and not have a reaction, but some dogs will.

  • I have mine on a diet of 1/3 white fish, 1/3 white potato and 1/3 sweet potato as a liver cleansing diet and some suppliments right now. It's working well.
    See this recipe

  • My pet store sells dehydrated sweet potato treats. They are made by Beefeaters. They come in french fry sized strips and thick slices. Nemo seems to like them.

  • I was given a bag of dried sweet potatoes in the summer basenji exchange! I'm a huge fan of them & will end up buying more when these are gone. Dallas loves them! Plus, unlike most treats, these he doesn't inhale as quickly so I use them for crate treats. He goes into his crate immediately when he hears me open the bag :p

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