• 🙂 Good Morning, I'd like to introduce Nosey my friend and myself, Anna. Nosey is 4 years old. HELLO!!!!

  • Good morn Anna!
    Does Nosey still chew?

  • I call my girl, Sahara, nosey all the time. She has to be wherever you are and checking out everything that is not nailed down. She is 9 mos. old, and I would like to know myself, Do they ever stop chewing?" Welcome to the forum, and Nosey is very pretty.

  • Hi Anna! I noticed you are from Michigan. I am meeting another MI B owner sometime in the near future. Would u be interested too? If so, send me a private message. Welcome to the forum and maybe we will get to see Nosey in person. My Joey is a r/w 11 month old we have only had for one month! I am truly a beginner not only with Bs, but with a dog!!!

  • 🙂 Hi, thank you all for your warm welcome. Just to ease your minds, yes, they do stop chewing. He does, however, still steal socks.

  • It is nice to know that they do eventually stop chewing, Sahara likes to steal our socks, but she loves dirty clothes better. Lately her thing has been ink pens she steals off our computer cabinet. The other day she got ink on my semi-new bedspread that I paid like $150 for, but at least I had just washed it and folded it with the inside up, and I put it into the wash with lots of stain remover. It didn't all come out, but at least you can't see it b/c it doesn't show through when it's on the bed. Once again she is saved by the Basenji Angel. haha!!!!

  • Oh my gosh! I had forgotten about how many ink pens Ivy chewed up, until I read your post. Yep, we had a couch cushion ruined from a big ink stain (we just turned the cushion over). I forgot she used to eat so many pens!....so yes, I guess they do grow out of some things (she is almost 6, and still steals anything food related)

  • Welcome to the forum Nosey & Anna. I think the "nosey" description fits all basenjis. Even mine and she is a mix breed. Some folks say they are not nosey, just VERY CURIOUS!

  • Hi Anna and Nosey - Welcome here. I see you are in Plymouth. I live in Livonia. Duke is our 1st 'senji and is 10 mos old. What a cool dog he is. I haven't yet seen another B, except in pics here. Would be great to see another Basenji in person (dog).:D Have you been to the Pet Expo in Novi? This years expo is next weekend. 11/17-19th. There are agility and lure coursing events - We are going next weekend to spy any Basenji.

  • Anna,

    Welcome to you and Nosey! I'm fairly new here to the forum, such a great place to talk about our B's.

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