• Porthos,
    If you do get some live pups from her, when you bring them home (hopefully you got to the Vet).. you MUST watch them all closely for 24/48 hours to make sure that the Mom doesn't get freaked out by the pups, that they are nursing, that they are warm enough (remember that newborns do not have a "shiver" reflex and need to be kept warm, especially if Mom is out of the whelping box), make sure they are nursing. You should be weighing them daily to make sure they are gaining weight. You need to give Mom 3x's the amount of food or more then she would normally get and high in protein/fat and most important lots of water available.

    Also you need to keep the male away from her and the pups… she could hurt the pups just trying to keep the male away.. or there have been cases of the males killing pups...

  • Plese let us know how everything has turned out today. I am hoping you have managed to make it through with some nerves still intact. You have my yahoo messenger info. I will leave myself logged in today so feel free to IM me once you get a chance. Sending good thoughts to your family and pups. 🙂

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