Hello from North Georgia Mountains

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  • Welcome!! Its great to have another Georgian! A couple of us get together for hiking and trips to the dog park just north of Atlanta. Maybe we can get together for a play date some time.
    As to why somebody would dump a basenji? Probably didn't know anything about the breed, saw a cute puppy & bought it on impulse, then learned they couldn't live with it. As they say, one man's trash is another's treasure though!
    Pictures please!

  • It sounds like your girl is probably between 18-21 months old. Most basenjis have their birthday in December. This is a common age for adolescent dogs to be given up by overwhelmed owners. During this period, young basenjis start to really push boundaries and see how much they can get away with. It is really important to find a positive reinforcement trainer and start building a working vocabulary between you and her. It sounds like she has had a pretty rough time of it and will need to learn to trust and learn what her roll in your house will be. Basenjis are much happier when they know what they place in the house is, even if it is just cuddler extrodinaire.

  • I'm the other part of the "couple of us" mentioned above. Born and raised Maui girl recently transplanted to the ATL. Come join us some week! Our females are very friendly, haha in comparison to my hormonal teenage boy basenji who's convinced he can rule the pack. Not to worry cuz you have a girl….

    We'd love to meet you sometime.

  • Welcome to the pack. Thank you for opening your home to this wonderfull breed. Just as an FYI… we are all adicts for pictures. 😃

  • We're in East Cobb and Carrie is in Dunwoody. And the last time we ventured that-a-way was exactly a week ago for lure coursing in the Chattanooga area. But hiking in the North GA mountains is definitely on our list.

  • Congrats on finding a gem. I often wonder the same thing (Why would anyone "lose"/dump such a magnificent animal?) about our rescue Miles. He was picked up running in a field - starving to death. He's since been nursed back to health and with his improvement has come mischievous behavior! 😉

    You just have to be the pack leader and she'll learn to respect you, your things, and the other dogs. I moved from ATL a couple of years ago. But my parents live near Amicolola Falls and I can't wait to go visit them next month! We're taking both "our kids" (Lexi & Miles - both Basenji's). It will be a long drive… but worth it. My parents have our Doberman and it will be great to see them all play together!! 🙂

  • @Vicki:

    The next time you are heading this way, please let me know. I'd love to meet you.

    I just recently got the book "Hiking with Dogs in Georgia & South Carolina" & I think we're going to be trying out some of those hikes. Maybe we can meet up! It would be great to meet! (And when Mauigirl says "Carrie", she's referring to me. I post under my co-owner's username, Andrew)

  • Welcome! Sounds like you are doing all the right work to make your little girl part of your family. Poor Eski - is he trying to teach her some manners or just hiding out?

    Our 2 B's were rescues, too, the second one abandoned in the desert "so he could be wild" (according to the owners that the shelter located via his microchip). Crazy! Who knows why, but we're thrilled that our two found their way to us.

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