• I fixed myself some ice water & then left the room to iron some clothes. My cat Spooky was sitting nearby, and she loves to dip her paws in water, so I made a mental note not to drink the water again. I came back a few minutes later, and both of the dogs were chewing on something. "Oh great… what did they get into?" I thought. I looked closer & they were chewing on ice! They finished their piece of ice & Lola went back to the couch, jumped up on the arm & dipped her face into my glass. She pulled her head back out, dripping water, with a piece of ice in her mouth. She jumped back down onto the floor, where she & Booger fought over the ice until I put the whole glass on the floor for them for easier access. They finally dumped it over, spilling the water out & eating the ice. Who knew ice was such a treat?

  • That is a great story!

    I wish Shango liked ice. Most dogs I've come across really like ice as a treat- Shango know's it's wet so he won't go near it!


  • Roo loves ice. He sits very prettily and patiently any time you use the icemaker on the fridge, hoping to get a "treat" If you give him one, he chases it all over our tile floor, until he 'corners' it somewhere and can chew it up.

    Silly puppies!


  • My kids love ice as well. I love it now in the house as my bedroom is the only room with carpet. They will chase the ice all over the house untill they get bored. Then they take it to my bedroom so they can sit it on the carpet where it can't get away from them. đŸ™‚

  • Sahara loves ice especially if it is crushed out of the icemaker, sometimes she will stand beside me while I am filling my glass up. Some pieces will fall on the floor and she too will chase them around the kitchen floor and eat it. Sometimes she too has gotten into my glass of water with crushed ice and helped herself, but I let her have it and I get another, no big deal.

  • Piggy is a big ice fisher too…meaning in your cup. No drink is safe.

  • mine love ice too, but not as much as aerosol whipped cream! They come running when they hear the ice and the sound of the whipped cream shooting out of the can!!

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