• I had to share this short story with everyone. I was walking with Chance and Kiya last night, it was a little dark and really quiet.

    We have a bunch of grass areas down the street which get sprinkled with water at night. As I was walking around the corner, I guess the sprinklers started going off behind us on several grass areas.

    The sprinklers don't just go off immediately, but start making these very loud hissing sounds for about 5 seconds. The moment hissing sounds started, Chance jumped up in the air and did a 180 degrees turn, while he was in the air he made this crazy gurgling barking sound that scared the crap out of me.

    His hair stood up and he was ready to run.

  • LOL… you have to watch out for those "wild" sprinklers... ggggg

  • Too funny…we were walking in the night, and an owl hooted..
    BOTh b's freaked and couldn't get back home fast enough...
    I laughed..but they were really scared.

  • This summer, I was visiting my mom with the dogs along with me. We decided to take the dogs for a walk at one of the many large parks that they have in Irvine. The sprinkler came on in the middle of the walk. Rio was ready to forge ahead to battle with the "evil" sprinkler while Sophie tried to leap in the duck pond to avoid it. What weirdos my dogs are.

  • we have a hedgehog somewhere around here. If this guy is along his paths the dogs don't go in the garden at night. Obviously they do not like the dark part of the day…. 😉 which is absolutely funny for me, as they would never mind a fight with another bigger dog for example but they are scared of a little stichy stinker....


  • thats pretty funny. tayda and lenny get scared at little things also… particularly when they are sniffing around the yard and accidently sniff a bug or something, they'll jump a foot in the air and squeal. its funny particularly for lenny who likes to act like he's so mean toward other dogs - but then i'll find him in the house play bowing toward an ant on the floor....

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