• As with most B's, Jazzy HATES to be wet. However, she has made a game out of our watering the lawn. We have one of those rotating sprinklers, and when it is running Jazzy will post herself with the range of the water in a "waiting" stance. And when the water hits her, she takes off running as if she was surprised by it. She'll make a round or two of the yard, then come back and post herself in position again.

    Yet if you are watering an individual plant or something with the hose and she gets hit, she yelps as if you'd kicked her.

  • Too funny.
    I have never heard of a basenji doing this.

  • Mine love playing with the hose and sprinklers, as long as it is their choice. My girls will chase the water from the hose around the yard but if you squirt them with the hose they will run to the porch and decide the game is over. They also will stick their heads right into the spray of the sprinklers and bite at it until they are soaking wet.


  • Oh, I would love to see a photo of that.
    Now that its so warm, any chance of it?

  • That's too funny! I can't imagine my 2 ever getting that close to water willingly!

  • Ditto there red and white!

  • laughing at the water dogs! When I am watering my shiba inu chases the water and ends up with a mouthfull. My basenji boy stands slightly behind whichever hand I have the hose in. He does not like the water.;)

  • I am always shocked when I see basenji photos with the b in the lake or ocean.
    My dogs, NO WAY!

  • I have a very funny picture of Stormie standing very reluctantly in the river that runs behind our house. If you didn't know any better, you'd swar I made the poor boy stand in acid from the expression on his face and the stance of his legs! He was so insulted, and with-held snuggling privileges for quite awhile after the picture was taken! 😉

  • Jon, my b's hate water so much that I get my feet licked dry when I get out of the shower…
    Then they shake like they have been out in a rainstorm followed by the basenji 500 through the house.
    Every morning its a horror to them that I subject my form to water.

  • My Savannah likes to play with the sprinklers. She'll run thru it and all around it. When we're watering with the hose, she'll play bow near it and jet across the lawn. She's not afraid of the water whereas Talker will stay clear of the water. When the sprinkler goes on, he runs in the house. Savannah will run outside to see what we're doing and play. She's cute like that.

  • My Abbey won't go near the door if she thinks it might be raining, because she hates getting her ears wet, but doesn't seem to mind a bath. She gets into the bathtub sometimes I think with an idea of getting the soap but gets distracted by the drip. She first tries to stop it at the source but when that's not possible she puts both paws over the drain so it can't escape!

  • Tucker is the same way, he loves to chase the stream from the hose, but if it hits him - game over. He will bite at the stream from the sprinkler, but when he gets wet, he's mad at it. if it's raining, I have to PUSH him out the door to go do his business, which always results in him standing there giving me the evil eye. and when it's bath time (which is only about once in a blue moon since he's very rarely ever dirty) I must place him in the tub, and he again, stands there shooting me the evil-eye.

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