• I'd like to introduce myself, and my Basenji, the ubiquitously named… Benji. When I decided to get a Basenji, I told myself I wouldn't name it Benji, but sure enough, the dog I got from BRAT was named Benji Milo Osakwe. It stuck. I couldn't bring myself to change all three of his names. He was 2 years old and full of piss and vinegar when I got him. I thought I was in over my head the first couple of months. Eventually he settled down, (at least as much I expect a Basenji does) but he was a whirlwind of ornery for the first year or so. He'll be 5 this winter.

    We also have our much less heralded, but infinitely better behaved Lab mix, Lola. She is the most patient dog I have ever met.

    These pictures were taken at the Saint Patrick's Day Parade in Saint Louis. Lola sat there for all the kids to pet. Benji was a little gentleman until about the 15th lady that wanted to put beads on him. She won a little growl and Benji went back inside.

  • Welcome to the Pack. Your pictures didn't show up 😞

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  • YAY…Pictures....such cute kids you have there. 😃

  • I love that: "ubiquitously named….Benji" Way to adopt a BRAT dog! Welcome to the forum! Love the pictures. I don't think my Zip would have put up with many beads. If any, haha. What a good Lola!

  • Hello,
    You will love you Benji, they are difficult at times but what a personnality! Not always well behaved, quite destructive at times, can't trust them without a leash, but very loving and real clowns at times. I have grown to love my Basenji despite all what I have endured, in fact, it looks as if you have to go through hell at times before THEY decide to settle down and let you accept them as they are. Lots of sound advice on this forum help a lot to "tame" their "mad destructive wild dog" side! Hope you can give a few tips too as I am a keen learner (got a twice abandonned 2 year old Basenji last year: abandonned twice because of snapping and destructive episodes- she destroyed a bathroom door the first month I had her, seat belts, shoes, handbags, peed on car seats, escaped from her car cage and jumped out the window, destroying part of the rubber around the car window, peed on my bed, jumped on my sideboards and broke vases, cups, ate bits of expensive rugs, attacked TV cables, etc.). And this evening, letting her free of a leash on a field, got me running because she decided to chase a couple of rabbits. I lost sight of her and decided to go away, ignoring her and there she came back running after me: all was forgiven as I happily put the leash back on and gave her lots of hugs for coming back!!!See? Once they've got you hooked on them…She is much better now I must say and this forum has helped a lot!

  • Welcome! Your B is adorable. BTW…. my first thought when looking at the lab pic was she must have been at Mardi Gras and showing her 'ta-ta's to get all those beads:D

  • Welcome to the pack and congratulations on your adoption.

  • Welcome. My first basenji had a lab too, course it was a chocolate lab, but they made for a great team.

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