• Any one know anything about basenji's liking to hunt, root, and eat cicada?
    We have a rescue, Cammie, 2 months today. for the past 2-3 days the cicada are swarming and when I walk her she roots around the trees and before I know she's caught one and ate it!!!! Today, she did a vertical jump of 2-3 feet trying to catch one as it flew by us. She was so preoccupied with them that she wouldn't even potty. I figure this must be an ancient breed instinct; maybe that is why they were gifts to the egyptians - to help get rid of the cicadas after God swarmed egypt with them. any thoughts and ways to keep her from doing it would be appreciated. i try very hard to keep an eye on her when she starts rooting but sometimes she is just tooooooooooo fast!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Amen to that… and yes... they are "yummy".... for your Basenji...gggg

  • haha! Thats too funny! I can just see your b- jumping to catch one! Just a little extra protein!

  • That is a really good description. I can almost see her doing the hunt for cicadas.

    Ive seen Mica chase butterflys, and dragonflies for quite a distance while on walks. She also gets excited about flies… to the extent that she will wait for me to "capture" the fly in a glass than set a paper lid on top if it is up on the ceiling and than she'll almost shriek ( in doggie language) as I bring it down to her level for her to capture it and munch it. She eats flies.

    BaMicas mom

  • My previous beastie would go after june bugs - EL D only eyes the dragonflies.

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