• I haven't posted much here for a while, but I am still looking for Basenji/Basenji mixes for playdates. I know there are some in Knoxville, where we are, but so far, no playdates have been arranged.

    My Basenji is mixed with Whippet, so she's fast and an avid HUNTER!!!

    Is there anyone in East TN with a Basenji/Basenji mix that would like to meet for playdates??

  • Liz's aunt lives in Knoxville so we may be up there sometimes….I'll have to beg and promise a variety of valuable services like dinner or laundry to convince Liz to bring the dogs, haha...and her aunt has cats, so could be interesting b/c in Zip's mind cat = bunny. But I would love to take them up to the Smokies sometime.

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