• On another thread someone was asking about harnesses and Soulmate suggested a source at this site http://www.juliusk9.hu/en/ (which shows some military training of dogs).
    While there I was looking at some of the pictures in their gallery … click on "gendarmerie" and take a careful look at the 4th picture in the top row. :eek:

  • As far as I know, the Austrian and Swiss Military has a few units which have dogs to help to defend the borders in the Alps. As there are real high mountains the fastest way to get there is to drop soldiers and dogs with the plane….. I am seriously fascinated about how the dogs manage to deal with these actions.

    I do know people which work with their dogs for alpine rescueing organizations to look for people which have been run over by avalanches. They also get there often by helicopter. The dogs are really well trained and love what they do....

    But to get back to the harness: these harnesses have been tested and are used in Military and Police Units. I guess they really are good for the dogs and as well for the handlers.... 😉



  • Ohh I'm sooo calling up my old roomates about this.. many of my guy friends are doing their mandatory service right now - I'll see if I can scrape up some more information on those "doggie drops"!:eek:

    ahh vive la suisse 🙂

  • That looks like a Belgian in that pic. I have one, and let me say, a whole different mind set from the basenjis.

  • Just to bump away the troll/spammer:mad:

    Don't forget the Save-A-Vet organization when shopping on line for X-mas presents to fellow dog lovers. I just received my order and I can say I'm very pleased. Top quality. Love the tag line related to the dogs…."Land of the Free, Because of the Brave" http://www.save-a-vet.org/

    (OP wizard) That picture is an OMG!!! Thanks wizard. How the hell do they train for something like that??:o

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