• Has anyone found these round nodules on the skin of their Basenjis? Sahara has 2 and one is rather large. At first I thought it was a tick, then I shaved the hair away and realized that it looks like a hard nodule, or syst under the skin. Does anyone know about these?

  • Mine have had SMALL ones, usually filled with white pus. I probably find a couple a year. But if that big, I'd let vet check.

  • My previous beastie had a couple of these (one was about the size of a marble) - the vet told me they were fat nodules (I can't remember the scientific term) and not to worry unless they grew, which they never did.

  • Hello,
    Well, this seems reassuring. My dog had a hard nodule on one of her sides: one vet said it was nothing, another one said it had to be removed, so got it done yesterday and the vet found another one at the top of one of her legs. The tissue is going to be analysed and I will get the results end of next week. In the meantime, it is worrying as the vet who operated her on was the third vet I went to! Thought that yes, had to be removed as the biggest one was hard and quite big (hardly noticeable last year I remember). Well, I am keeping my fingers crossed now, that's all I can do.

  • Keep us posted on the results. Cammie has one on the inside of her rear left leg about the size of a quarter and we've been told its nothing to worry about it. some days its thicker than others. she came to us as a rescue with it. so the vet at the shelter and her new vet both have said not to worry. it doesn't seem to bother her with walking, running or jumping up or down. I would be interested in what the results are.

    She also came with a brown nodule on her neck which at first looked like a large mole about the size of a dime. since we have had her about 2 months, it has slowly disappeared. Our vet said that these tend to come and go and again nothing to worry about.

  • Ok, I'll let you know, perhaps some vets are more cautious than others! The nodules didn't bother her but the vet who told me to "get it done" said he had seen similar ones on Boxer types of dogs which were malicious tumors. My dog also came from what I call a "dog and cats home" in France. The larger one was on her side and the second one I hadn't noticed was also on her rear left leg. As I said, I'll get the results next week on Friday when the vet takes the stitches out. I'll phone before to see if he has them before that date. The best is to keep an eye on any growth and see if it is growing.

  • The ones my dog had were not rock hard but kind of soft - and they turned out to just be funky fat as I mentioned. But if they are hard I would definitely want them checked out as your vet suggested.

  • Thanks Wizard. I would also pass on the message I was given by the vet: if your dog has nodules, avoid touching them!

  • Hello,
    Got the results of the nodules removed. No danger of cancer but one is linked to allergies, will change her diet. What a relief!

  • Sometimes a pup will get a nodule where the shots have been given.

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