If you don't know "Snopes", you should

  • I just got one of those informational chain e-mail things. I go straight to http://www.snopes.com when I get one of these. What they do is verify the accuracy of the information and if they find conflicting or supplemental information they cite their sources in a bibliography. I know it would be inappropriate to send this link to the person who sent me the chain e-mail but I need to tell SOMEONE about Snopes. Because it's a great resource. I don't have time to do that much research into chain e-mails, but they do, and I think they do a pretty good job. Often times you'll find out that the chain e-mail isn't worth forwarding.

  • I always send the snopes link to the person who sent me the chain email. Unless it's my mother in law (and it usually is - sigh). Then I just suck it up, but at least i know. :rolleyes:

  • I love Snopes, but for those that really believe that stuff, at least the political stuff, they just say that Snopes is biased and keep on believing what they believe and don't allow themselves to be confused by the facts!

    Anne in Tampa

  • Very true Anne. See MIL ref above 😉

  • What is it with MILs and chain forwards? I really have no interest in any of them, but DHs mom keeps sending them. DH's stepmother actually never emails us a letter….only forwards......sometimes 4 or 5 a day.

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