• Anyone know of a good vet in Suffolk, VA or the sourounding area?

  • I am using Banfield at the PetSmart at Chesapeake Square mall which is quite close to Suffolk. Dr. Minkin does a great job with Zahra!

    Suffolk is about 5 miles from me.

  • Cool thanks for the info. Turin (my fiance) will be going on Sunday, I will be following about September 1st. Would you like to meet up around then I know Indi will be feeling sad without all of his doggie friends. I can't say exactly where we will be but we will figure it out before then.

  • Yeah that would be great, I have lots of info on the area and dog parks that I can pass to you. Where in Suffolk are you guys moving too? We are off of I-664 in Bowers Hill exit 13B. The smaller dog park and the PetSmart are off of I-664 exit 11B Portsmouth Blvd. There are a few B's that go there but not many. There is a bigger dog park in Greenbrier at the Chesapeake City Park where I have met up with Youngandtired with her B Sahara. It will be great to have another B here!

  • We don't know yet. He got an offer last Thursday to reply by this Monday and arrive next Monday (August 11). The job is in Hampton Roads. So Suffolk was just a WAG as to where we are going to live. Right now I think a nice residence inn will have to do but hopefully I will have more info as we get closer to Sept 1.

  • See if Admin can give you my personal e-mail, I would be more than happy to provide you with information about where to live in Hampton Roads and good places to stay until you get settled. We spent some time in a hotel because our house was not finished on time.

    The big thing around here is that you don't want to live on the opposite side of a tunnel or a bridge meaning if you work in Norfolk like I do living on the other side of the Downtown tunnel is a nightmare, some nights it can take me over an hour to get home (last week when it rained it was close to two hours), if you are working in Hampton or Newport News (What they call the Peninsula) you don't want to live in the South side (Norfolk, Chesapeake, Virginia Beach, Portsmouth, Suffolk).

    We lived in Virginia Beach for about two years before we bought a house in Chesapeake (close to Suffolk and Portsmouth), I regret that we didn't have someone to tell us where to look because we have to take a tunnel or a bridge to get anywhere and we are so far from good areas that have fun things to do (Movies, restaurants, nice grocery store, etc.).

    Our neighborhood is okay because the development is new but the stuff behind us and across the street from us is not so great. Had we done our homework more or knew someone here we probably would have stayed in Virginia Beach.

    There are some beautiful new apartments and homes in Suffolk near Harbor View, if his job will be located in Suffolk closer to the Monitor Merrimac tunnel. We looked at some new homes there by Bennetts Creek (where lure coursing is held) and the development was suppose to have a dog park as one of the features.

  • Here


    We would love some information since we dont have any. The job is with SAIC in Hampton Roads, VA but I don't know where my job will be, so I guess we will just have to pray its not across a tunnel somewhere.

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