• Does anyone know where I can find those books about basenjis????
    I want to order them throw internet and send them to sweden.

    Chad by Stephen A Tring 1966;
    Call of the Marsh Jill Wylie 1979;
    A Donkey and a Dandelion by Doris Rybut 1966;
    Goodbye My Lady by James Street 1954;
    Basenjis The Barkless Dogs 1954 (1946)
    Blue book by Veronica Tudor Williams;
    Basenjis The Barkless Dogs (1976)
    Brown book by Veronica Tudor Williams
    Fula Basenji From the Jungle 1988 by Veronica Tudor Williams.

  • Look on e-bay or Amazon. I got Call of the Marsh directly from a bookstore in South Africa, through Amazon. I have seen Goodbye My Lady on E-bay several times, as well as the Blue Book by VTW ( I recently got an autographed one, 1954 edition,on e-bay). Non of them will be cheap!

    Happy Hunting,
    Anne in Tampa

  • I just saw you are in Sweden, many of those may be available from used booksellers in England, closer to you than the US.

    Anne in Tampa

  • I have seen them all on ebay at one time or another. VTW's books are always appearing on ebay some signed and some not, I'm lucky enough that my mum has all the books you have listed including VTW's red book which is as rare as hens teeth and they are all signed to my mum as she knew her. A Donkey & a Dandelion appeared on there not long back but it didn't sell so keep an eye out for it reappearing.
    Good luck with your search.

  • Thank you! I will look on e-bay.

  • If you seach ebay under Basenjis, the blue book shows up every now and again for a lot less that the price on that link…

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