• EL D laid in something in the garden that just made him very filthy (I suppose just the dirt if he rolled around) and so I had to give him a bath. The local pet shop had this stuff called BioGroom Natural Scents shampoo that was not soap and supposed to work without removing the tea/flick med nor mess with the natural slin oils. It cleaned him up pretty good and since I didn't have much choice at the storeā€¦
    But I'm just wondering what kinds of shampoo others would recommend?

  • hmm, i wondering that myself - what shampoo do i use? I used Aloeveen for Chilli (cos we used it for our jrt - Saki) She has no problems with it. But Chilli scratches alot and think its drying her coat? any ideas??

  • Charlie had VERY sensetive skin as a puppy and would get dry flaky skin if I wasn't careful, I use Cain & Able Pepermint and Tea Tree conditioning Shampoo on them both. I love that it has good natural oils in it and is a mild bug repelent.


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