• Hello. I have a 3 1/2 yr female tri basenji. We are going to be relocating from Texas to North Carolina in the next 3 weeks and I am extremely nervous about flying our girl there. ThereAre no straight flights, so it will involve 2 planes and about 6 hours of travel. She is pretty nervous in general and anxious of strangers handling her. She sleeps in her crate so she is comfortable with it, but it is definitely not her favorite place to be. I am taking her to the vet on Monday to discuss it with him, but would like any tips/reassurance you all have. Thanks!

  • We just had a 6 month ACD pup flown from FL to SC because the current owner couldn't keep her due to the owner's health. The breeder lives out of the country so we're babysitting until she can find a new home. She did just fine with the flight.

    Are you going to be traveling at the same time? Can you arrange to take her in the cabin with you?

    Where in NC are you going?

  • I did not realize she could go in the cabin with me. I thought she was too big? She is only about 20lbs though. i should also say that I have an 8month old I will be flying with and I am not sure my husband can come back to help.

  • Depending on the airline, you can probably fly with her in cabin but if you are flying alone with an 8 month old then I don't think you would be able to handle the sherpa also since it counts as your carry on.

    I have flown several times with my girl Rio who is 16.5 inches tall and about 20 lbs on United. It is important to get the dog used to sherpa.

  • With an 8 month old, I don't think that in cabin would be an option for you? But at 20lbs she would fit in a Sherpa just fine, I would think.. with some training before hand.
    What you don't want to do is drug her if she has to fly as baggage… I think that your Vet will tell you the same thing.... The very few times that I have shipped a dog, they did OK... abit stressed when arrived.... but they recovered... especially if they are pretty well crate trained. The ones that really have a problem are ones that are not crate trained (which includes ones with really bad crate problems that people can't crate train)

  • Some of the airlines will let dogs fly in the cabin as long as their sherpa bag/crate fits under the seat….at least they used to. I thought they still did but things change so fast sometimes......

    If you're traveling with a baby it could be a problem though having to transport them both when you change flights.

    One thing to think about, if she does go in her crate underneath, you might try freezing her water cup so she can lick it as it melts. Beats them dumping it all in the first 5 minutes. 😉 Good Luck! Charlotte is only about 90 minutes from us.

  • I know that PetsMart sells several brands of products which claim to calm dogs down - some type of natural anti-anxiety pills. I don't know anything about them, so be sure to research it for effectiveness and safety before trying.

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