• I am so excited, on Sunday I get to finally have my first basenji meet-up! I have never see another basenji besides my own before, and when I emailed about a rescue needing help in WI, the person in charge got me in touch with another basenji owner about 25 miles away from me 🙂 I called her and she was SO nice, and invited us out to her house this weekend to meet her to basenjis. Hopefully it will be lots of fun!

    The only thing I am nervous about, is how Tosca will get along with her two dogs. With the exception of one dog I know, Tosca's hackles go up and she often makes the snarky sound with practically every dog we meet. She usually goes crazy sniffing, and I have noticed that when she sniffs the rear end she is fine :), but when she sniffs their heads I can usually expect a snarky sound to start coming from her. She has never hurt another dog before, but I always pull her away then, cause I don't know what she will do. Can anyone give me any advice on how to introduce them, and how to tell the difference between playful noises and ones that could be a problem? I know some snarking is ok, but how do I know how to tell when they should be separated, and when they should just be allowed to play and "work it out."
    I just want to make a good impression, so any advice would be great, thanks!

  • One thing for sure is that they should meet for the first time someplace other then her home…

  • I was wondering about that too…we were going to do a dog park in a place towards the middle of where we both live...but I was worried about dealing with Tosca, these basenjis, plus any other dogs that might happen to be there. I do know she said she has a large fenced in yard, and that we will hang out there...do you think that is at least better than them meeting in a confined home? Hopefully it will work out, one thing I did notice with Tosca is that she seems to react to dogs the same way, whether they are at our house, their house, or neutral territory. In fact, when we go visit our brother-in-laws and their dogs (at their homes), she is able to comfortably co-exist with them, she seems more snarky towards them when she is on a leash, off leash she has been ok...I have never felt comfortable enough to leave them unsupervised, though, and its only been for short periods of time. Is it likely Tosca will behave differently towards basenjis than other dogs she has meet?
    Thanks again 🙂

  • Meet down the block from her home…have all the b's on leashes and walk them...let them sniff each others pee and just go for a nice long walk...
    Once they have gotten a noseful, then I would take them to the yard...
    That is my suggestion.

  • Most Basenjis are snarky on lead… and OK off lead... No, she will not act different to Basenjis then other dogs, at least not usually... mine in fact prefer other breeds to other Basenjis... ggg

  • You might want to introduce them one at a time too. Our B Samantha gets a bit edgy when there are two dogs approaching at the same time - kind of feels like she's getting ganged up on and gets defensive.

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