• Went to the park near our house today, where they are doing some "improvements". We were unaware of the work that's been done, so we were walking our usual lap around the fence line & came upon an area that is under construction. Basically a bunch of bushes were town up from the banks of a creek bed, turning the area into a mud pit with a stagnant muddy water trench running down the middle. Lola ran straight up to the edge, kersplooshed right in, and then hopped out the other side. Booger jumped over the trench. All of the white on Lola was completely covered in dark brown mud that perfectly matched her brindle & made her look like a completely black dog. It was actually really freaky looking to see her with no white. She just had to run & try to play with Booger & paint him with mud in the process. We walked another lap to dry off, and most of the mud came off before we got to the car. They were both still pretty dirty when we got home, and we didn't have time to bathe them before we left for work.
    We got home tonight & they're both PERFECTLY clean. Very white white & beautiful soft fur. Andrew asked me if I had given them a bath because they seem so soft & clean. They must have cleaned each other. Awesome!
    Only a basenji.

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