Our boy will NOT potty in our yard - help!

  • We have a problem with our boy Barkley - we rescued him about 2 weeks ago and is doing very well but we are having a problem with him not going potty in our yard. Does anyone have a suggestion on how to correct this? My mornings are busy getting my son ready for school, feeding the dogs etc. As soon as I take Wes to school I walk the dogs but he is REALLY needing to go by this time. He is escaping out of his crate (while I am taking my son to school) and once did a small potty behind the couch :eek: - just enough to take off the pressure I guess because he did go potty 2 times on our walk later. I would not mind getting up a few minutes early and going for a quick walk around the block but he is not that easy. Even having to go as bad as he does he may not do it until 30 minutes into the walk!!

    We have a fenced yard and we let the dogs out all the time to take care of their business and he will go out with our puppy but won't do anything. My only idea to try is to attach him to the run line that my husband put up through the yard and just leave him out there and not walk. He is stubborn though - not sure how long he could hold it before giving in. He just loves his walks too - always runs to the gate every time he goes on into the yard hoping to go for another. Should I try this? - Seems so mean.

  • This won't really help you, but I have to tell you, by 10 yr old Ciara won't go in her own yard, either. She held #2 for a whole weekend once when I was trying to "win." Never have a battle of wills with a Basenji. sigh.
    You could try lots of praise when the puppy goes potty, then maybe Barkley would get the idea?

  • The fast solution is simple and not pleasing… but papermatching WORKS.

    Take a paper match and wet the head of the match in your mouth for a few seconds. Then take the match and insert the head end first into the dog's rectum. Make sure part of the match is hanging out. Within a few seconds the dog should start to get into the position to poop and be successful at doing so. (I had to do this for Darby for about 2-3 weeks)<<

    So you papermatch and praise like crazy.

    As for tying him out, most can chew through MOST lines so I would be careful. Better to papermatch til he will go on command in your own yard.

    Also, how secure is your yard? Can you put him out while you are getting son ready for school alone? However, getting up a bit early to MAKE him potty, THEN secure him (get clips on cage so he cannot escape!) in crate while you take child to school, is better.

    Btw, 2 wks is a short time, it will all come together! 🙂


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