• Our 9 month old basenji boy will pee and poop on our master bed. He is walked and he is let out in our fenced in yard every two to three hours or even more frequently. Why is he doing this? Our 15 month old basenji girl is 100 percent housebroken .. They are very bonded. What can we do to stop this? We are frustrated!!! We have started the house breaking training from the beginning over and over again and he will still do this.

  • Simple solution is don't allow him access to the bed unless you are there to supervise.

  • Thanks Debra But the problem is that I was lying on the bed and he did it right next to me..It is so fustrating!!!!

  • My beloved Curie, aka the best dog in the entire world, did that until she was about 2. Some of her relatives supposedly did, too 🙂

    Debra's solution is the thing that worked. If he does it when you're there, don't even give him access when you're there. It's hard, because they're really great cuddlers, but I'd cut him out of the bed for at least six months and then evaluate again.

    Also, are you sure he's actually doing his business outside in the fenced yard? A variation on the "plan" would be to only give him access when you have verified with your own eyes that he has peed AND pooped out there. Only on the bed when empty, in other words. We can get fooled into thinking they've done something just because they went out there, but sometimes they just goof off.

  • Don't allow him on the bed unless you are actually watching him, not just if you're there, because the moment you turn your back, it will happen. If you see him start to circle and sniff, get him right off the bed and outside immediately.

  • @Lesco:

    Thanks Debra But the problem is that I was lying on the bed and he did it right next to me..It is so fustrating!!!!

    It's wicked frustrating, believe me, I know. And expensive to have the comforters professionally cleaned. Grrr. 🙂

  • Wheat did this for a bit.
    I was not watching her when I put her outside, so now, before bed, we walk in the front yard with a leash, and she isn't allowed back into the house until she is empty.
    Since we have been doing this, we have had NO accidents.
    BUT I also cleaned up with an enzime cleaner…

  • Asd the others have advised, the cure for this is Ban the Bed!

    Once the habit is there it's very hard tio break because the smell still lingers unless it is neutralised. Just washing isn't enough.

  • Wheat is allowed on the bed. Sleeps with us.
    The cleaners you get at the pet store do break down the urine so they
    don't remark.
    What you have to do is keep the bedroom off limits, babygates, until you have taken
    your b out and walked it until empty.
    Then enjoy snuggling.
    Now, if they want to get up in the night, be sure to get up and take them out…or else!

  • +1

    Enzyme cleaners are excellent. And you must witness your b peeing and pooping at night.

    I also set the alarm for 3:30 a.m. because Kipawa can't hold his pee 11:30 p.m. to 7:30 a.m. I leash him and take him into the yard, and he knows that peeing at that time is done right away. I can almost do this with my eyes closed now. In fact, I don't think I really wake up to do it

  • Fran, my older b and I are also those who can't sleep throught the night.
    So, we all get up and take care of business.
    At least your pup will out grow this…
    Any chance we will see you at the EBC specality in Aug in Auburn Wa again?
    I would love it!

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