• Okay so I've been sick for a few days & have been cooped up in the house with nothing more than two basenjis & a bunch of medicine. I've been trying to keep them occupied without doing anything strenous… so while Booger took a nap I took the opportunity to teach Lola to sit. I used all the advice I got in my thread about a week ago for teaching sit & she finally SAT! I know this sounds so silly, but really this is a huge accomplishment for us! It just finally clicked with her! She got it in about 60 seconds & for the next 10 minutes we worked on repeating it over & over in different places in the house. And her tail wagged FURIOUSLY the WHOLE time!!! She loved it! I just love these dogs.

    Oh and they've been extremely understanding that I've just sat around neglecting them for 4 days straight. They've only destroyed every box of tissue I've been using.

  • That's great about sit:D ! It's amazing how some things will just click. Rye had the hardest time with "down". He would look down and do a sloppy sit but would never go down. Then, bam he did and that was that. Good luck with anymore training!

  • Now you can start to go to rally …sadly, the tissue isn't part of the course.

  • That reminds me of EL D and his obedience class … he would never do any of the commands in class. He did fine at home when we practised but never in class. I was resigned to having him flunk the class when instead he does all of the commands except "down". Not only that but his "sit" was perfect. He was supposed to sit for a full minute, which he did, and while keeping his eyes on me the whole time (that was a first), and when hearing other noises or voices just twitched but kept eyes on me. I was so proud (and surprised).

  • Bongo (aka Boingo, for his bouncing tendencies) learned to sit this week!! Fiji is unimpressed, as she's been sitting pretty since we got her, but we're thrilled.

    We just counted and realized we've only had him for 7 weeks and he has made such progress in the last few. Whew!

  • Good Boy Bongo:D

    It seems to me that sometimes those small baby steps mean so much more to us iggy pet owners than the seasoned veterans. Not disrespecting any breeders or trainers here, just stating my opinion. I still remember the first time my BITCH sat on command. It was wonderfully rewarding and gave me a glimmer of hope for the longevity of my furniture:D and my sanity!!

    (Sorry, ….. by iggy I meant ignorant as in the definitive; Lacking in knowledge or training; unlearned)

  • Hahaha I forgot about this thread…. Here's another great update!!! Since we taught her sit, its been her only command. I was watching "Its Me Or the Dog" this week, and Victoria taught a dog to "lay down" in a great way I just had to try. She sat with her leg out in front of her, but her knee raised off the floor to create a "tunnel." She put a treat in her hand & pulled it under her knee so the dog was forced to lay down to get under her knee to get it. I'm probably not explaining it too well... but I immediately tried it & it took less than 2 minutes to teach it to Lola!!!! Apparently Lola is the smart one; I'm the one who needs to be taught how to train!!!

  • "Iggys" <snicker>:D

    That makes perfect sense to train "lie down". I totally agree - we don't need a trainer so she can train the b's; it's so she can train us to train them. Oh, and just train us in general, most likely :p</snicker>

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