How is it….

that my oldest daughter is 21 years old today when I am only 29?:rolleyes:

This is us then:

And this is us now:

Sometimes it seems those years have flown by, sometimes it seems it has taken forever to get here. But it's been a great journey, and I'm really happy with who she's turning out to be.

she looks just like you 🙂


she looks just like you 🙂

Yeah, she looks like you!

Awww you gals are beautiful! I love mother daughter photos 🙂

Happy 21st Birthday to your daughter!!!

Basenji Mix

Aww - lovely photo of you and your dd - in both pics! You haven't changed a bit, but your dd looks a lot different. (btw - we're both the same age…29 and holding!!! ha ha)

Since I now have 3 little grandsons, I've advanced my age from 29 to 39! But I'm determined to hold my ground there. Your daughter is lovely. If a person's greatest legacy is the people he/she leaves behind, it appears you have done well!


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