Such a dirty dog

I just gave both B's a bath – a favorite activity for them, :rolleyes: -- and once again was amazed at how MUCH DIRT comes off of Jazzy! LOL

She is the one that appears to be more delicate and ladylike, whereas Keoki is rough and tumble and into everything all the time. Yet, when it comes to bath time, a little dirty water running down the tub for him, nothing too bad; and for Jazz? I could build a river of mud with the dirty water coming off that girl! :p
Apparently, she did not read the part of the manual that stated that Basenjis are clean dogs.

She is obviously NOT the image she tries to project! 😉

you get your Bs in a bathtub… :eek: amazing.


you get your Bs in a bathtub… :eek: amazing.

Well, they don't LIKE it, that's for sure. 😃 When they see me walk into the bathroom with their towels – and yes, they can tell the difference between their towels and ours,which is amazing because they look about the same --
they both run and try to hide, LOL.

I talk nice the whole time, and every once in a while say, "stay; good stay", that sort of thing, and give them a teeny taste of cookie.

I have the same problem with Zaire and the dirt. You would think that a rough and rugged terrier would get more dirt on them, but Charlie never seems as dirty when baithing. I am luck in getting Zaire into the bat. Charlie jumps right in when it is bath time. I think she just wants to be with him ALL the time, so she consents to getting in the tub as well.

Basenji Mix

I know when Duke needs a bath when his white fur changes from a bright snowy white to a dull yellow-grayish white hue. And it doesn't take but a week or two after the bath before it changes. Must be from all the runniing and kicking up a dust (or mud) bowl around the yard. Good thing he is a low odor kind of dog or he'd have a weekly bath.

I use baby wipes on my b's.
THEY love them, will roll on them like its something "nasty" in the yard.
Makes it easy for all of us, and I don't have to clean the tub…
yes, I am lazy!.

We have one of those spray heads on our shower that you can take off and use by hand. I get the water nice and warm, and even though Samantha isn't excited to jump in the tub, she's so good to just stand there and relax while I lather her up with doggie shampoo and rinse her off. I used to have to wrestle with my other B's to get them clean! I guess the old German saying: "All good things come in threes" is really true!

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