Ham bones?

I have just made a big pot of bean soup w/the really big bone from a 21 lb ham.

Obviously, the bone is cooked – twice really, baked and then boiled.

A} Can I give the dogs ham bones?
B} Can I give them cooked ham bones?

Quick!! Before DH comes and throws the bones away!! LOL

I've always given My 3 dogs Ham Bones they LOVE them and have never had a problem with them. I have to Separate mine cuz thats the one thing they Will NOT share…

I would give them for a short period and then take them away.
As they are cooked, they can splinter..
Dinner sounds yummy, we are having ribs, and the b's don't get those bones.

I would not…

I bow to your advice Pat.
I retract mine.

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