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Um, I'm Storm, a high school junior [though not for long :P] that loves dogs and is working to become a private investigator.

I don't actually own a Basenji – My parents won't let me get a dog that big [yet – I can probably convince them otherwise]. But I figured since, they are the number one dog I am considering to get for my own 18th birthday next year, I should join a forum about them and ask all kinds of experienced owners of them.

Right now I have a 3-year old Beagle, named Wish, hence my username. I have dozens of pictures if anyone wants to see her. I absolutely adore hounds, I dream of owning at least 4 different kinds of them once I get my own place. ^^

Welcome…you've found the right place to get your info! BTW, a basenji isn't much different in size than a beagle...just a little taller. My girl, Ruby, weighs 19lbs and my boy, Brando is around 23lbs.

Welcome to the forum. In addition to all the new posts search around in past topics and you'll find lots and lots of information. Health care to feeding to personality issues.

Welcome to the Forums!

Have you and your parents had a chance to meet any basenjis in person? I think they would find that basenjis aren't really that big. In pictures, basenjis look decievingly big because they are such well proportioned dogs that if you have nothing in the photo to use to judge size against, they end up looker bigger than they are. It is always recommended to meet the breed and spend some time with them since many of the qualities that really make each breed unique are not adequately conveyed in words.

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Welcome to the forum!

Basenjis really aren't that big! But they do make up for their size by being very.. present.. 😃

(although.. with a good walk.. they can sleep for hours! (well.. Mirtillo can ;)))

Why was my red removed? ;-;

Wow, my Wish weighs 26 lbs, and what my mom would describe as a skinny dog. O.o

Hi StormWish,

Welcome to Basenji Forums, we are glad to have you as a part of our community!
The red fonr was removed because it's hard to read. Please check out our forum guidelines when you get a chance.

Welcome-everyone has their own idea of what a dog should weigh-a lot of it based on structure. You should be able to feel the ribs, but not necessarily see alot of them.

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