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Why was my red removed? ;-;

Wow, my Wish weighs 26 lbs, and what my mom would describe as a skinny dog. O.o

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Um, I'm Storm, a high school junior [though not for long :P] that loves dogs and is working to become a private investigator.

I don't actually own a Basenji – My parents won't let me get a dog that big [yet – I can probably convince them otherwise]. But I figured since, they are the number one dog I am considering to get for my own 18th birthday next year, I should join a forum about them and ask all kinds of experienced owners of them.

Right now I have a 3-year old Beagle, named Wish, hence my username. I have dozens of pictures if anyone wants to see her. I absolutely adore hounds, I dream of owning at least 4 different kinds of them once I get my own place. ^^

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