• Let me share a story that just happened this week with me.
    This gal called me in tears.
    Her dog was in the vet…she had placed it in a "good" home, at least she thought it was...
    Well, the "good" home phoned her and said the dog was in the vet, she could either go get it * and pay the charges* or the humane society would.
    Someway or other this dog was injured by the 3 young children in this home.
    To the tune of having to have staple stitches put into this 3 yr old basenjis body.
    She is now making sure that we are given this dog to get him back to where he should be and then rehome him.
    She way crying when she phoned me...she did care and love this boy for 3 yrs.
    But she didn't do a good job screening the new home.
    Can it happen to anyone, sure, but BRAT does all it can to weight the odds to the dogs happiness.
    That is what WE all want.
    Prayers for those dogs who are not well tended and loved.
    Hugs to all you owners to do!

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