Coucou from Geneva! (and Paris)

Oops. I totally forgot this part and I have been posting up a storm.

I'm a B mama of 2. I was raised with a tri female, who is still around at 15 years old (she does the B500 like she was 3 though.) She lives with my parents ..but we talk on iChat sometimes and she Barooos for me still. :0) My other B is 4.5 months and the sweetest thing ever. She responds to commands in 3 languages, French, English and Swiss German - quite the linguist. Lycia is my sunshine and Cinnabuns is my heart. Couldn't imagine a life with out my girls.

Personally, I'm not as interesting as my Bs. 😛

Lauren - displaced Californian and mum to Lycia.

Welcome to this site. 🙂

Who did you get your b's from?

I love tris ( I have one) then would like to see pics 😉

If you are interested I give you the link to the french basenji forum:

ahhh c genial ça! Je m'enregistre! - most of them are of Lycia, but there are 3 of my tri at the end of the album.

My first gal was bought in Washington state, she was the "nightmare" Basenji, and in my opinion extremely poorly bred. We didn't find out until after we had her (in my defence I was 10 years old when we purchased her, and not so up to snuff on the ethics of breeding) , how inbred her linage was. She, despite the best training (and intentions), has always been extremely dog aggressive, new people aggressive, and prone to destroying entire rooms. But my family and I loved her. We felt that she had some special needs and that it was our responsibility to look after her as best we could. She was always an excellent dog with our nuclear family.. she has always been my baby, she really fostered my love for the breed with her grace and quirkyness.

Lycia (hajomi ekibondo) was purchased from Ekibondo Basenjis in the Czech Republic. Now, this dog. She has been a absolute DREAM. She loves kids (esp babies), people, dogs, cats, small fuzzy animals - she doesn't chew, will sit quietly beneath me when I'm out to dinner, comes when called when she is off leash.. I'm not entirely sure she IS a Basenji… 🙂 ! I promptly told her breeder I might need more 😉 !

The Ekibondo H litter is really nice!

Yes, they all seemed to come out well. I hear the rest of them are dreamy pups too. It was a great litter. 🙂

Hello and welcome to the site:D

And hello from Lycia's half sister Belle:D

Welcome to the forum (even if you have been posting for awhile).

Thanks a bunch!

Welcome to the forum. Lycia is a beautiful pup!

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