What do you have in common?

  • What does your Basenji have in common with you? I'm sure there is something that the two of you do alike, or enjoy doing. I'm looking for that thing that you have been doing before your B came into your life.

    My Sheba and I enjoy camping and fishing. When I catch a fish she gets excited and sits by my side waiting to see what I caught, she enjoys eating the small ones. When we go camping she sits right next to my chair by the fire.

  • I enjoy long walks in the middle of nowhere.. I got my first dog because I didn't want to walk alone.. Mirtillo LOVES the long walks.

    bf and I are crazy about zoos.. Mirtillo finds all the animals amazing 😃

    I love to feed the ducks early in the morning.. And Mirtillo loves to watch them.. and eat some of the bread..

  • Jack and I love to go on road trips together and meet new people. Jack hates being stuck in the car, but he does it willingly cause he knows we are going somewhere new, and that he will get to meet new people. He loves to adventure.

    Jack likes to watch me and DH cook, too, which is probably one of our favorite things to do. And we entertain a lot, and Jack is a fantastic host. He greets everyone at the door, runs around and checks on everyone at the party, cleans up the floor during dinner….

  • Sleep.

    We all love to sleep in a warm and cozy place.

  • Medjai absolutely loves to lounge outside.

    He also enjoys watching me cook. Even though he can't see the cooking, he will stand at my feet leaning against me, waiting for me to make a mess.

    He does the exact same thing when I work on my car, jut not waiting to eat things that fall.

  • Dallas & I both enjoy curling up on the sofa & watching a movie, while falling asleep. If I put a movie on & lay down of the sofa, within 1 minute he is curled up right next to me watching the TV screen.

    And although I don't cook very often, when I do he will sit at my feet and just wait 🙂

  • Mya also loves camping and campfires. She also loves to go for walks with Poppa as do I. Her favorite thing is sleeping late with me on the weekends. 🙂

  • Yeah, Jack has actually learned not to wait at our feet while we cook….he has been stepped a couple of times for doing that. So now he sits just on the carpet outside the kitchen and waits.

    He's actually not a big fan of exercise of any kind. A friend of ours was dog sitting and tried to take him jogging. That was a disaster. He probably gets that from me- his distaste of exercise of any kind.

  • Cooper and I love to sleep in and take unnecessary naps together.

    Cooper and my husband, however, have much more in common. They like to wade and fish together. They are both small muscular men with dark hair. They both have severe allergies, so they both take allergy shots, antihistamines, and have restricted diets. They both try at night to be the closest one cuddling me.

  • As far as "common interests" relaxing together on the couch is a big one. She gets a good back-scratching and I don't have to try and figure out what she's doing when she's not within eyesight. 🙂

  • Ruby and I both love to go road biking! Ruby loves to run while I ride the bike…definitely something we have in common and I'm so happy she loves it.

    Also, Ruby is a fastidious groomer...she'll spend long periods of time bathing herself. Any of my friends who know me would say, if you want to use the shower, you should use it before me because I take forever...kind of a standing joke. I'm very much a morning person, but without the long hot shower in the morning, I'm useless. 😃 😃

    Don't know yet about Brando as he is too new to scene.

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