My Story

I live in Killeen, Texas and stationed at Ft. Hood. I have had my Tri-female for 5 years now and she is 6. I have always felt cheated by missing out on a lot of the Basenji puppy antics. My girl is very docile and picky. after reading stories of other Basenji's I noticed that my girl did not do a lot of those things. so I knew the only way I was going to get to enjoy those headaches was to get a pup. This last January I bought a very handsome red boy and now I have my hands full but I am loving it. He has brought new life to the whole family to include my girl.
I have a "YouTube" account and upload videos of my two beautiful Basenji's all the time. please feel free to check them out and leave comments.


Cute videos! Your Sheba has the same snarky growl as Cyrus.

Very cute, who did you get your pup from?

Go Army Beat Navy! Welcome to the forum! Can't wait to hear about your pups and see some pictures. I'll have to check out your youtube videos in a bit 🙂

God bless our service men & women!:D


Very cute, who did you get your pup from?

Dee's Basenji's in Beevile, Texas

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