• I don't know if any of you are fans of the show Prison Break but DH and I always jokingly call Chase and Zahra, Lincoln and Michael from the show because we always suspect that they are plotting an escape from the kitchen while we are eating or Zahra (aka Michael) is trying to get the bedroom door open while Chase (aka Lincoln) is standing guard.

    Today, DH is on leave so he got up after I left and let the furkids out back while he ran upstairs. I don't know how long or what time (what smart husband would honestly say it was an hour?) but I had a frantic voicemail on my cell phone from my neighbor who told me that Michael and Lincoln were loose and came right to him. He put them back into the backyard but didn't know if I was home because no one answered the door when he rang the bell.

    I quickly called DH to ask him where the dogs where (um, backyard) and I told them that Lincoln and Michael had escaped and luckily our neighbor was outside and saw them. We live near a very busy road and if they had left our development I don't even want to think about what could of happened.

    Of course they were naked too, no tags, no collars, NOTHING. I had planned on buying those safety collars from TazLab that they can break free from if they get caught on their kennel or something. I just bought them a few minutes ago.

    Our neighbor said that our gate was wide open. I think the little neighbor girl next door may have opened our gate this morning looking for them (she always wants to play with them but is scared of them and runs when they get close to her), I can't be sure though. I put them out this morning to potty before I left for work and they didn't take off then. DH is blaming me because I took the trash out last night but I have serious OCD about making sure that gate is closed for this very reason. We now have a lock on the gate so that problem is solved and these dogs will be collared each time they go out to potty from here on out.

    I am just thankful nothing bad happened and that Michael and Lincoln have been recaptured and spent the afternoon in solitary confinement. :rolleyes:

  • Wow, glad your neighbor was there to corral them up. Husbands - can't live with them - can live with out them - but we still keep them around LOL

    I have watched a few of the shows it's funny you call your two that, I can see it. I'm glad you got a lock on the gate now, kids often (when little) mean no harm but don't understand their actions can cause it.

  • Yikes!!! That is one of my fears! Luckily we don't have any working pass thru gates on our fence (except our garage). But I worry about a fence panel coming down (that happened last year).

    So glad everything worked out well!

  • Glad nothing happened to your escape artists. Same thing happened to us several weeks ago, both of the dogs got out. Our service that sprays our lawn for insects left our gate open. Mother in law let the dogs out, sat down and saw our little B run by the window. Thank god she saw her and caught her. Our big girl (she is a mix of don't even know) was heading down the street when I pulled into the neighborhood. She weighs about 82 pounds so it was interesting getting her into my truck!! We of course chewed out our lawn people!! They know we have dogs!

  • Lucky you - they are back home safe. Lock on the gate for sure!

  • I'm glad they are both home safe…but I was chuckling when you described them as standing guard and escaping...I could definately relate! Our little guy walks the perimeter of the room (including the exercise pen we have to close off the living room from the kitchen and dining room)...when he walks and sniffs the perimeter we joke that he's planning his next escape and is just looking for weaknesses in the perimeter. LOL

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