• So our local dog park re-opened yesterday since the weather is getting nicer.. there is a huge pond in the middle so it had to close during winter when it was frozen.. so today was meeka's first time going, and she went to chase a duck and dog, who went into the pond.. meeka (typical "i wont go pee in the rain" basenji) and she chased the dog/duck right into the pond!! i couldnt believe me eyes!! she went about 15 feet in to! i dont think she really realized it was a pond and was just chasing the other dog.. but i had to share.. i was just so amazed with what i was seeing!! wish i would have gotten a picture but it all happened too fast!

  • Basenjis will go into water to play, just not to pee or bathe. Glad she had such a good time at the park.

    Anne in Tampa

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