New Member from Nevada

Hello! This forum is Great! My boyfriend got Congo 4 years ago and I have been dating him for about a year and a half and I have fallen in love with b's. I have always had lab mixes so he has been quite a change from what I grew up with. Anyway, if anyone is from Reno, NV please let me know I would love to do a playdate with other b's around here. As soon as I get a chance I will post pics of Congo.


Welcome to the forum, can't wait to hear more about Congo and hope to see pics.

Welcome to the list!

There are several of us in Northern California. It is a little bit of drive but we have some really fun events coming up. Check out the Basenji Club of Northern California website,

Thanks for the norcal info!

Welcome to the forum! We love pictures 🙂

Welcome to the forum - yes pictures and tell us more about Congo.

Welcome! Looking forward to hearing more and seeing your pup too!

we have something in common! my boyfriend introduced me to the breed as well! weve been together a little over a year.. and i grew up with a lab mix 😃


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