• I was wondering if anybody brushes their dog's teeth and could clue me in on some pointers on how to do it. Medjai loves the toothpaste too much, and won't sti still. He's always licking like mad, and ingeneral doesn't like letting me hold his mouth like that with the smell of the toothpaste nearby. He lets me play with his mouth normally though.

  • Practice without the toothpaste…. till he gets used to the idea. Personally I stand with the dog between my legs and then brush the teeth that way, by leaning over and slipping the toothbrush in each side of the mouth.

  • Is it necessary to try and brush the tops of the teeth?? I find that Zips bottom back teeth are hard to get to with her jaw shut because they close on the inside of the top back teeth. is that normal or is her bite off? And need I try to brush the tops, or is it fine to just get the sides with her mouth shut?

  • You should try and get all areas of the teeth… of course that being said... we do the best we can... as far as her bite being off?... did her breeder ever say anything about that? Typically I can "stick carefully" my fingers in the mouth and open it ... to brush all parts of the teeth...

  • We found the "finger" brushes work verynicely, especially for dogs who don't like the normal "human" toothbrush form. If your dog allows you to handle his mouth, then I'd give the finger brush a go.

    Also, to aid with the dental, occassionally dole out a raw carrot as a treat. It will help to clean their teeth also.

  • I use a child's soft brush - since it's smaller it's easier to move around in their mouth than an adult people brush. I tried the finger brushes but I didn't really like them. EL D loves the taste of the toothpaste (seafood flavor) and I use extra so he can eat some while I'm brushing. He's pretty good about standing still while brushing. With my previous beastie I had to clamp him between my legs or against a wall.

  • Here's what I do that's successful.
    I don't use that canine toothpaste, no need as water will do fine. B's love to lick the wet toothbrush.Get a cup of water for dipping the brush in and use a soft toothbrush.
    Get the dog on the left side of the couch in the corner (if your right handed) so the dog is facing towards the middle and you sit on the edge of the couch in front of the dog. You both should now be facing towards the center. This will give you good control. Just lightly put you left hand over the dog's muzzel and gently lift. Just stick the brush in and gently brush. If the B fights the just let the dog chew on the brush a little as you stick it in the back area. Don't make it a tramatic event!! Dip the brush in the water and swiril/swish to clean. Then try again. Again do not force or fight it. Be carfull not to squeeze the muzzle or lip as that will make it painful for the dog. Keep the touch light and gentle. I've been brush my B's teeth daily for 14 years. Good luck and happy brushing.

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