• Well, I stopped by the vet this evening and they took Zahra in the back immediately when I showed the vet tech her fur that is coming out. They were closing but took her back and tested her anyway and sure enough she has mange. I don't know how I could have missed even thinking that, here I am thinking that she is rubbing from her collar or that Chase is play biting to rough with her.

    Has anyone else had an experience with mange? Of course even thinking about it I feel like I have bugs crawling all over me. Zahra is on some meds for the next three months and the vet said that I caught it in a very early stage.


  • There are two types of mange. Demodectic mange is non-contagious and often occurs when a dog is stressed and the mites that are normally present, overgrow. This type often resolves itself on its own.

    The second type of mange is Sarcoptic Mange. This is the contagious kind. This type does require treatment.

  • Zahra's was the Demodectic mange

  • I made a post yesturday on the "Fur … falling out..." thread. (check it out) Is Zahra scratching alot? I'll have to check and see what kind of shot the vet gave Duke, but he was good to go within (2) weeks. He was worried about mange too. I'll get back and edit this when I can find out.

    OK - the injection Duke received was Ivermectin. The itching stopped within 2 weeks. It would sure be better than meds for (3) months! Of course you'd ask your vet. (Duke was only maybe 4 months old at the time and had it when he was found.) Yeah, it made me itch too, thinking about bugs in my house. Whatever you do, I hope Zahra feels better soon.

  • My dog had demodex too. I used Goodwinol ointment, a topical ointment, applied to the spots 2x a day. I also switched my dog to a premium dog food, and supplemented to help boost his immune system.

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