• Anyone out there have recommendations on grooming tables? Size? Type of material? Brand? Thanks

  • The easiest thing for me is just to hold Medjai between my legs when I need to brush him and cut his nails.

  • Uh…I don't know what brand I have! I didn't even think about them coming in brands 😉 What I look for is something sturdy enough to last a LONG time...something with a very washable, slip-proof surface, something big enough that the dog can turn around, but small enough that it is easy to carry...and something that has legs that fold totally flat. I think I got mine at a dog show vendor. I also have an old crappy one...too big, not great surface, that I use outside during the summer.

  • I don't know what kind mine is either, but it is a smaller size, folds easy, but the main thing is you want the grooming arm with the noose…. and like Andrea said, slip proof surface...
    Mine is 18x30, here is a link to Omaha Vaccine Co.. I get lots of stuff from them... including my favorite Bully Pads..

  • I have one i purchased for 299.00 with free shipping. It was on ebay. They have many of them, its a manufacturer. Its a hydrolic z style with a H base. Very nice and works very well! http://www.ebay.com/itm/Z-Lift-Strong-Hydraulic-Pet-Dog-Grooming-Table-Bed-H8-/130555697807?pt=LH_DefaultDomain_0&hash=item1e65b9da8f here is the one i got!

  • Whoa, way too fancy for me!! Also, how heavy is it? You will need a lightweight one you can take with you for shows.

    I have fantasized about the hydraulic ones….but Basenjis aren't too heavy to lift up onto the table, thankfully.


  • hehe well i use mine for dog grooming, not for shows. It is for my dog grooming business so i needed a really good, sturdy one. …as far as weight, its not really heavy. I lifted it myself and carried it from outsite to inside. Id say maybe 100lbs max..but im sure alot less than that. I didnt think i needed one for the show...DO I?!?!?!

    Ya, i love the hydraulic ones, they are great! it works like a charm. I guess if i need a table, ill bring my simple on that i use to train sophie her "stacking" on. Its small, weighs about oh, 5-10 lbs. Yes, thankfully they are not heavy. Can you imagine having to haul up a great dane/irish wolfhound/saint bernard! lol luckily those are ground dogs, but still!! haha

  • I don't take grooming tables to shows. Hopefully all the prep had been done at home before going to the show. If it is a cluster of shows for 4 or 5 days or a Specialty, I might take one. It is not needed if your Basenji is "ring ready"

  • Almost all of our shows here are at least 3 hours away, usually more. So we wind up staying over many times. It's nice to have a table to stand them on for a wipe down and maybe a nail touch up or stray tail hair trim. Sometimes we just stand them on top of the crate or in the back of the SUV, but since our Basenjis are definitely not like Poodles who will stand, sit or lie down on the table for hours without even a grooming noose, oblivious to passers by, a table helps. And so many shows now are clusters of 3 or 4 days…


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