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    My grooming tools

    The comb is used to backcomb the tail to loosen dead hair and to better determine the thick and thin areas of the tail. I comb it back the correct way prior to starting a trim however. I know many show folks will cringe at the thought of using a battery operated trimmer but with a blade guard and a very gentle touch, I find it to be a fabulous tool to start the trim. Scissors are used for the final touches.

  • <_>

    No flinching here 🙂 I used thinning shears for a few years, until more than one friend said "good lord, try this…" and it looked just as good, and took about 3/4 of the time :)_

  • Nice job - I've always used thinning shears and then trimed and neatened with regular shears. Of course now with bi-focals I never seem to get the right distance and the right head tilt - and then it's hard to trim when it's waggling.

  • I have always used thinning shears too… takes me about 10 minutes to do a really fat bushy tail. I have never had the best luck with trimmers... unless I used the guards.. then I still had to clean it up with scissors.

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