• Yesterday we got our The Basenji magazine. I had paged through it but hadn't really taken a close look at it but had it sitting on my desk when my husband got home. He picked it up and thumbed through it stopping at the stats page that lists all the standings for various organizations. He then says to me, "Hey Cole is tied for 16 in AKC lure coursing, hey, Rio is in 10th, how is she is beating her brother?", "I didn't think we did all that much racing this year, how did Rio get to be 12 in NOTRA?", "Hey, Cole is in the top 20 in LGRA and ASFA."

    Today I sit down and open my email and have a message from my mom, Cole's owner. She just got her The Basenji magazine today and writes, saw the Kinetic kids in the Top 20, 2 in AKC, 1 ASFA, 1 LGRA, 1 NOTRA. Apparently she and Sam have the same reading habits.

    Funny thing is, I usually look at those stats pages last so who knows when I would have actually noticed. They are not the year end stats but still pretty cool to see.

  • Wonderful! You must be so proud.

  • Congrats to You and those B's…......great job.:)

  • WOW that's great congrats! Sounds like you HAVE been busy these days 🙂

    Oh & congrats to those atheletic Bs of course 😃

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