• He started vomiting last night and did it through the night and this morning so I took him to work with me in the morning and then to the vet at lunch time. He's got a bug that is going around 😞 poor guy, he's doing better and has only vomited once since the vet. At the vet they gave him some antibiotics and something to help ease his stomach. I think he got it from when I took him to the vet last week for a rabies shot. If he's not better by Saturday morning he goes back.

    One thing is I know he's gonna love his light dinner of chicken, rice and cottage cheese.

    She said he had a slight fever, but nothing serious. Are basenji's normal temperatures different than other dogs? I ask because other things seem to be different on them. I took in a stool sample to and that was fine.

    It's not contagious to cats, but I do need to keep an eye on Reggie.

  • hope ur baby feels better. give him somee extra TLC and i'm sure he'll be fine

  • No B's temps are the same as all dogs. Hope he feels better soon

  • @tanza:

    No B's temps are the same as all dogs. Hope he feels better soon

    Thank you. He's a little more mellow but other than that acting normal, curious about people in the kitchen still, lol.

  • Poor little Tiggy. I hope he recoups quickly. Please keep us posted on his progress.

  • **Thank you everyone, he seemed this morning to be oing much better, he didn't throw up again after dinner or at all during the night. You could still tell he wasn't feeling good but I put his sweater on him and he curled up either under a blankie with me or by the heater, and when we went to bed he stayed snuggled up to me all night.

    This morning he was a little more chiper, ate his breakfast with normal gusto, pooped (good sign). Still a little blah but over all good.**

  • Glad to hear Tiggy is doing ok. Hope he's all better real soon.

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