• Cooper was finally getting in the groove working with me twice a week at PetSmart… But he had an outbreak of patchy hair loss and some red splotches that didn't go away after our usual two weeks on antibiotics and increased prednisone. This happens occasionally, even though he's up to maintenance on his allergy shots. I kept him home this weekend, as he was acting tired and wasn't very pretty to look at.

    We went into the vet yesterday. Negative for mites. We got more antibiotics because he had some open spots. We have to wait two weeks for the ringworm culture to find out if that's an issue.

    So, it's 25 F outside, and the poor little guy can't go to work to get his mental and physical exercise!

    But we went through this last winter as well, and he came back negative for ringworm then. If he does this time too, I'm insisting on the full thyroid workup. In fact, I'm probably going to insist on it anyway.

    He sounds much less troublesome than other basenjis, he gains weight easily if we don't keep a strict eye on what he's eating (gained 4 lbs in 10 days at my parents' house!), and he's had a thin moth-eaten coat for the last year.

  • Good luck with Cooper, Subaruthie! Storm is hypothyroid, and I didn't notice much in the way of coat problems for him (mostly it was weight that was a dead giveaway), until after he'd been on the thyroid med Soloxine for awhile. His coat is now soft as silk and very thick! I was amazed at the difference! I also supplement with Dream Coat in the dry winter months to help avoid dry skin itchies - too bad Dream Coat isn't for people (I sure could use it! 🙂 ). Also, Storm's stamina has increased a ton! He's so much more active now - it's like he's a puppy sometimes! I would definitely recommend a thyroid test - you'll be so surprised at the difference in your dog if he is hypothyroid.

  • I would do the same, insist on a full work up….

  • Poor Cooper, I know his regular customers probably miss him right now too! 😞

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