Tiggy's Ready for the winter *PICS*

I bought him the fleece because he would just shiver when we went out to potty. I found the hat when we were cleaning out some old boxes. It is an actual dog hat, I just had to tie the strap so it was shorter.

Does he realy accept the hat? He looks so calm and happy

He'll wear it long enough to pee and maybe poo then he gets tired of it, shakes his head and it's then under his chin LOL

Oh, my heavens! this make me LOL!
My b's love their sweaters, but cover the ears… I don't think so.
Thanks so much for the photos...I wouldn't believe it, had I not seen it.

Really great photos, too funny…Ruby barely tolerates a sweater, so I can only imagine if I tried to put a hat on her. Most likely it would suffer the same fate as my cashmere sweater :eek:.

How cute!! It looks like Tiggy is really ready for winter!!

Love it! So glad I'm not the only one who dresses up my kids!

Well I must admit he does look cute - that hat is too funny.
EL D would never sit for photos like that - the hat would be shredded before I could snap the picture!

Love the pics!!! Just TOOO CUTE!!!

Got quite a chuckle out of these Maya, thanks.

My fave is the second one down…he has a little "smirk" on his face!!!
How adorable....and tolerant!

Thank you everyone, he is such a great pup and so amusing, he's all about getting his jacket to be put on before going out, heck he'd wear it 24-7 if I'd let him

The hat fits perfectly! Where did you get his fleece? Its adorable.


The hat fits perfectly! Where did you get his fleece? Its adorable.

It's a fido fleece, but I ordered them from Sit Stay they are cheaper there. He's got the green one and the dark blue.


Here's the fido fleece site they have a bigger selection, but shipping is more, (sit stay the price doesn't go up with the size of the coat)

Tiggy looks so dapper in that outfit!

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